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Cell Towers in our Communities Matter.

Does Salt Spring need another Rogers Tower?
The short answer is “No”. 

What You Need To Know

Under the guise of improving emergency services, Rogers has begun to build a 131-foot 4G and 5G cell tower in Channel Ridge on Salt Spring Island. Rogers will be using 95% of this tower for commercial cellular. CREST will rent 5% of it for their emergency radio equipment. 

A Tower of Deception

Salt Spring’s Local Government Said No.
Island Residents Said No.
And yet construction is now underway.

This tower is being built on a foundation of falsehoods, half-truths and corporate bullying.  Even so, the federal tower siting regulator, ISED, has given Rogers the green light.

Rogers chose this site long before they approached our local government, ignored any issue that might have prevented them from developing a tower on this site, and made false assertions to set aside any and all requirements they didn’t meet. Learn more about Rogers’ Deception HERE.

Island residents are opposed to this wireless site because it will … 

What About Better Cell Service and Access to 911?

Rogers coverage maps show almost full 4G and 5G service on our island already. We can call 911 on our cell phones through any provider. 

Given our topography and that there is already a Telus tower at the site, this project will not improve mobile access to 911. 

What About CREST?

This tower will benefit Rogers. 

CREST – the Capitol Region Emergency Services Telecommunications program – is taxpayer-funded. CREST is meant to be serving us, not big telecom. Although partnering with Rogers may look like a great way for CREST to save money, the long-term health, liability and environmental costs this project will create don’t make economic sense.

This Tower Does not fit the Island Trust’s Mandate to Preserve & Protect

Take 5 minutes to read THIS POWER-PACKED PRESENTATION and learn why. 


Do you have questions about this tower?

Wondering what the buzz is all about?

Join us this Saturday, May 20, 2023 at 2 pm at Centennial Park Gazebo for “Truth-telling in the Park” 

Illuminating, Community-Building & Fun : )

Come meet the folks who have been researching cell towers and communicating on this topic with the Islands Trust, Rogers and ISED, the federal tower siting body, since 2021 and earlier.

Questions about the event?  Contact Cecile Petra @